Know which four creatures of Earth can live on Mars.

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Earth’s living organisms can find a new planet in their solar system. Scientists have claimed that some organisms of the earth can live on other planets like Mars.  Some creatures of Earth can survive in the environment of mars.  Let us know on what basis scientists have made this big claim?
Scientists around the world believe that there would have been living on planet Mars millions of years ago. Evidence of this has also been found. Recently, the Mars Curiosity rover of the US space agency NASA had reported that there was a flood on Mars. There has also been some evidence of microbes being there.
Researchers at the University of Arkansas’s Center for Space and Planetary Sciences conducted a study about which organisms can live on Mars. He told that the creatures of four species found on Earth can live on Mars.
It is very difficult to live on Mars, due to the low atmospheric pressure. At the same time, the atmosphere and the weather are very unsafe and rapidly changing. In such a situation it is difficult for living organisms to live there. But the micro-organisms of the four species present on the earth are suitable to live there.
The study report of University of Arkansas researchers has recently been published in the journal Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. It has been told that certain kinds of creatures on earth can live on Mars.
Earth’s organisms that can live on Mars are called methanogens. These are very ancient micro-organisms, which are habitable in any kind of low-pressure environment. They do not require oxygen. They survive in the worst climate.
Methanogens are found in wet places on the earth, even in the digestive tract of animals in the sea. They eat hydrogen and carbon dioxide and remove methane gas instead of feces. It has been clear from several NASA missions that methane gas is abundant in the atmosphere of Mars. However, it is not known from where so much methane is being produced there.
Rebecca Mikol, leader of researchers at the University of Arkansas, says that there is methane gas on Mars. Either that, they have originated from the creatures that existed several crores years ago. Or even today, there are such creatures that are alive through methane. In such a situation, we can expect that these methanogens of the earth can survive on Mars. It may be that you do it for a few days or a few weeks, but you can.
We have been studying methanogens for the last 10 years. The four methanogens that can live on Mars are Methanothermobacter wolfeii, Methanosarcina barkeri, Methanobacterium formicicum (Methanobacterium formicicum), and Methanococcus maripalusicis. These methanogens can also tolerate temperatures up to minus 100 degrees Celsius. All these methanogens can remain without oxygen. When there is no effect of pressure or radiation on them. Rebecca Mikol said that according to our calculations and studies, these four methanogens can survive on Mars for three to 21 days. It can also happen that they live there for a long time and make their colony.

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