IAS Couple sacked, have 100 crores worth illegal assets

by pranjalipargaonkar
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New Delhi : IAS couple Arvind Joshi and Tinu Joshi, who were sacked on corruption charges, will have their assets worth Rs 100 crore confiscated. The Income Tax Department has initiated action in this regard. The Income Tax department will soon take possession of 100 properties worth Rs 100 crore..


A notice was issued in the High Court after several petitions were dismissed in the case, seeking a reply from the Joshi couple on the property. However, they could not submit proper details of the property to the court. That is why the Income Tax Department has started taking action now, alleging that the property has not been acquired legally.


In February 2010, the Income Tax Department raided Joshi’s home in Bhopal. There they had seized Rs 3 crore and important documents related to illegal assets. Since then, the case has been under investigation and income tax officials have been shocked to see the number of illegal assets bought by the Joshi couple in different places.


The inquiry also revealed that Raghavendra Singh Tomar, owner of Faith Group, had a stake in the assets of Arvind and Tinu Joshi. Delhi Income Tax Department officials had taken action against Faith Builder and Golden Builder. Subsequently, a case has been registered against 10 to 15 acres of land owned by Faith Group.  That is why the Income Tax Department has clarified that 10 acres of land of Faith Cricket Academy is in the list of illegal assets. The value of this land is said to be Rs. 10 crores. In this regard, a notice will be sent to the academy requesting information regarding the transaction. If no satisfactory answer is received, the land will also be taken over.


The 100 different properties include mainly 220 acres of agricultural land, flats, houses and plots taken from different places. The total value of these assets is Rs 100 crore. There are 40 different types of assets in a company, out of which 10 are in the names of parents, servants and their families. The land deals in these properties are at Raisen, Sehore and Mandla.

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