How will High Security Plate Number benefit you? Know ‘here’

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New Delhi: A person can apply for the high security plate number by booking it online, simultaneously the payment can also be done on the website itself. Thereafter, the concerned dealer will give a time slot to the driver on the due date and will place the number plate on the vehicle.

How to apply
• First, the vehicle owner have to click on the website.
• When the website opens, one has to choose between private and public transport.
• After this, the option of the vehicle being petrol, diesel, CNG, electric, CNG cum petrol will open, one has to click on as preferred.
• The category of vehicles will open, such as scooter, motorcycle, car, auto, heavy vehicle will have to be selected.
• After this, another option will open, in which information about the company of the vehicle has to be given.
• The state option will appear. On filling it, dealers will see options. Vehicle information will have to be filled. In this, registration number, registration date, engine number, chassis number, e-mail id, mobile number will have to be mentioned.
• After this, another window will open, in which the name, address and other information of the vehicle owner will have to be filled. RC and ID proof of the vehicle will also have to be uploaded.
• Thereafter, mobile OTP will be generated. The booking time and date option will appear and then the payment options will pop-up
Consumers also have the option of offline application. Vehicle owners also have the option of offline to get this number plate and color code stickers. They will not have to fill any kind of information. The service provider will fill all the information by taking documents. The high security number plate is priced between Rs 600-1100 for the car driver, Rs 300-400 for the two-wheeler driver.

High security registration plates (HSRP) have become mandatory for all vehicle manufacturers in Delhi. Vehicle manufacturer companies will also have to create a third registration mark. Color coding has to be done for which fuel is being used in the vehicle. Older vehicle manufacturers can also attach high-security registration plates given by the company to the dealers. It is not possible to tamper with these number plates, as they are chromium based.

Unique laser code of 07 digits will be there on every number plate, registration number will also be recorded. The high security number plate is designed keeping vehicle safety and convenience in mind. There will also be a hologram on it. The hologram will be a sticker with the vehicle’s engine and chassis number. This number will be written with paint and not sticker.

There will be a pin on the plate that will attach to your vehicle. Once this pin grabs the plate from your vehicle, it will lock on both sides, cannot be opened from any side or by anyone. The primary advantage of the high security number plate is that car thieves will be put under control, because the chromium hologram in the plate will tell all the information. Due to the chromium plated number and emboss, the number plate will be able to monitor vehicles at night through the camera.

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