How to check the health of your lungs at home?; Easy steps to follow during COVID-19

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Corona virus infection is on surge across the country. Many citizens are being infected with this virus. But it has killed thousands of Covid patients. The cause is an attack of the corona virus on the lungs. The corona virus attacks the human lungs directly.

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Expert doctors have informed about this. The COVID-19’s new mutant looks dangerous. It starts from the neck but when you don’t have an immune system, the corona virus attacks your lungs directly. Lung infections appear in 5 to 6 days in patients infected with coronavirus. You can now find the information at home.

Zydus Hospital which is one of the top hospitals in the country, shared a testing video on Twitter. It explains the fast and easy method. The released video is numbered from 0 to 10. Which will have 2 number normal lungs.

The number 5 will be called Strong Lungs. So number 10 will be called super lungs. After playing the video you hold your breath and watch the spinning ball. You will be numbered according to the number of times the red ball moves. The longer you hold your breath, the stronger your lungs will be.

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