GOOD NEWS! The havoc of second wave of COVID-19 to end till June 20

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Deccan Express

The scourge of the second wave of the Covid pandemic is rapidly receding. As a result, many states have resumed the unlock process. The country has seen the highest number of cases of coronavirus after 50 days. In the last 24 hours, 1.52 lakh cases of coronavirus have been reported and about 3,100 people have died due to coronavirus. The daily infection rate has also remained below 10 per cent for the past six days and the weekly infection rate has also remained below 10 per cent. However, the number of deaths due to coronavirus virus does not seem to be decreasing on a daily basis and it is still more than 3,000. The question, meanwhile, is whether the second wave of coronavirus in the country is over.

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Professor and Head of the Department of Community Medicine at Safdarjung Hospital, Prof. Dr. Jugal Kishor said that looking at the declining number of coronavirus cases in the country, it can be said that the second wave of coronavirus has ended in the country. Based on the WHO’s dimensions, it can be said that this wave is now over. But the challenge for you is not to let the virus come back to haunt you.


We need to constantly monitor this. It also has to be seen whether the nature of the virus changes or not, a new variant does not come. Your system must be activated to prevent a new variant from appearing. If new variants are found, they should be isolated immediately, and efforts should be made to quarantine those who have come in contact with such people. They should be monitored and treated immediately. So that it does not spread among the people.

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