Do you know the health benefits of Buttermilk? All you need to know

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In summer, those who suffer from constipation and stomach heat should eat curd and curd products. Buttermilk or lassi is a food that cools the body in summer. These drinks are made at home in summer. Lassi or buttermilk made from curd also helps in weight loss. Yogurt is rich in calcium, protein, zinc and vitamin B12. Also, lassi and buttermilk made from curd have many benefits.

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Drinking both lassi and buttermilk is beneficial. It contains Vitamin C. So it improves immunity. But buttermilk is considered to be better than lassi for weight loss. Buttermilk is low in calories. Moreover, if buttermilk is taken with a meal, the appetite disappears quickly. So we eat less.

Drink lassi to fill the stomach quickly, it does not cause early hunger. As it is thicker than buttermilk, it is also high in fat and calories. Lassi can also be made with salt. Those who like it also drink it with sugar. But, it also increases the amount of calories. Ready lassi is also available in the market. It uses a variety of flavors. Lassi boosts immunity and stops stomach upset as it contains probiotics. If there is swelling in the stomach, drink lassi. Lassi reduces body heat and even if there is acidity, drinking lassi is beneficial. The method of making lassi is quite simple. Add sugar in thick curd and beat well. You can add any syrup to taste.

Buttermilk is a favorite drink in summer. Strength contains a large amount of water. So it is very easy to digest. Drinking buttermilk with meals satisfies hunger. It has very few calories. Buttermilk is more sour than lassi. Therefore, it is high in acidic substances. Buttermilk can be made easily. Add a lot of water to the curd. If you like, you can also add cumin powder, salt, mint and cilantro. Drinking buttermilk improves digestion. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

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