Current Situation is Very Serious in Ladakh : Foreign Minister Jaishankar

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New Delhi : Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar described the situation in Ladakh as the most serious since 1962. Jaishankar said in an interview before the release of his book, “This is definitely the most serious situation after 1962.” For the first time in the last 45 years, our soldiers have died on the border. LAC has a large number of troops deployed on both sides, which is unprecedented.

Clearing India’s stand in Ladakh, the Foreign Minister said that there should not be a unilateral change in the status quo in the resolution of the border dispute with China. Every agreement should be respected in the solution.

The Foreign Minister said, if we look at the last decade, border disputes with China have emerged many times – Depsang, Chumar and Doklam. To some extent, every border dispute was different. The current controversy is also different in many ways. However, one thing that comes out in all border disputes is that the solution should be done through diplomacy.

Jaishankar said, as you know, we are talking to the Chinese side through both military and diplomatic channels. Both things are going on simultaneously.

On the future of India-China relations, Jaishankar said that this century will be of Asia if both countries work together. However, due to all the obstacles, these efforts can get a shock. This relationship is very important for both countries. There are many problems in this and I accept this. This is the reason why strategy and vision are essential in any relationship.

Earlier, Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat had said that if the talks with China failed, India had a military option. Rawat had said that India has a military option to deal with the encroachment by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in eastern Ladakh, but will be used only when negotiations and diplomatic options between the armies of the two countries prove fruitless.

General Rawat had said, “The encroachment or border violation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is due to different understanding of the area. The defense is tasked to monitor the LAC and prevent infiltration. The entire approach of the government is adopted to resolve any such activity peacefully and to prevent infiltration. But if there is no success in restoring the status quo on the border, the army is always ready for military action.”

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