COVID-19 Vaccine | 3000 waste pickers in Pune at highest risk as vaccines not available for them!

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Pune-Deccan Express | COVID-19 Vaccine | Waste pickers in Pune city are at a huge risk of coronavirus. Waste pickers in Pune city have not yet been vaccinated. In the last seven months, only 7000 people have taken the first dose, while 3000 waste pickers have not received even a single dose. There is a vaccine shortage in the state. Also, waste pickers cannot book the vaccine online. On the other hand, the misconception created by ignorance about the vaccine is also the reason behind waste pickers not getting vaccines.

The city generates 2100 tons of waste every day. About 6 thousand 722 garbage collectors of NMC and three and a half thousand garbage collectors of Swachh Sanstha are working to collect this garbage from house to house. Even during the Corona period, these employees were working at the risk of their lives. However, the lives of the city’s health workers are in danger. Although vaccination has been started since January, vaccination of waste pickers has not been completed in the last seven months. There are doses reserved for frontline staff, but the vaccine is not available when they visit the center.

The municipal solid waste department has so far conducted vaccination campaigns in ten places and vaccinated about three thousand people after realizing that waste pickers were being hindered in vaccination. Therefore, the first dose has been given to 7,058 people of NMC and Swachh. Out of them 1 thousand 396 people of NMC have taken a second dose and their vaccination has been completed. It has been found that the rate of taking both doses of waste pickers is only 3%. Three thousand employees are yet to be vaccinated.

While there are ongoing efforts to vaccinate every person in the country, on the other hand, there are many misconceptions among employees about the corona vaccine. Women in particular are staying away from vaccinations. Efforts are being made by the Municipal Corporation to get them vaccinated through counseling.

Web Title : COVID-19 Vaccine | 3000 waste pickers in Pune at highest risk as vaccines not available for them!

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