Jolt for BJP in PCMC: BJP corporators Ravi Landge and Sanjay Newale resign

by Team Deccan Express
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Pimpri : Deccan Express Corporator Ravi Landage-Corporator Sanjay Newale | The BJP is getting jolts after jolts in PCMC area. Four corporators had resigned earlier and today, corporators Ravi Landge and Sanjay Newale have resigned. Landge and Newale have submitted their resignations to Municipal Commissioner Rajesh Patil.


BJP corporators Vasant Borate, Tushar Kamthe, Maya Barne and Chanda Lokhande had earlier resigned. Now, with the resignation of two corporators, the number of corporators who have resigned has reached six. The majority of these corporators are entering the NCP. Lande and Newale are also likely to join the NCP.


Ravi Landge after submitting his resignation targeted BJP MLA Mahesh Landge. He said he had resigned because he was fed up with the dictatorial and corrupt practices of Mahesh Landge.


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