Colombian woman missing for 2 years found floating in sea, 1.5 km away from shore

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Colombia: In a bizarre incident, a woman missing over two years was found floating alive in sea 1.5 km from the shore. The woman ran from her house due to domestic violence and tried to take her life as per the report.

According to report, she had not been seen by her daughters for two years. However on September 26, a fisherman by the name of Rolando Visbal spotted the 46-year-old floating around 1.5 km away from the beaches of Puerto Colombia. He rescued her by immediately managed to pull her from the water.

The 46-year–old woman, identified as Angelica Gaitan, was reportedly trying to commit suicide when Visbal saw her off the coast of Colombia. A video was viral on social media showing Visbal and his friend pulling Gaitan into their boat. It said she spent eight hours at the sea which made her unconscious on rescue. She was offered drinking water before taking her to the shore. She was later taken to a hospital where tests revealed she showed signs of hypothermia due to spending plenty of time in sea water.

The woman claimed after leaving her home, she was cut off from her family and friends by her abusive ex-husband. She also said that her ex-husband had locked her inside her home and forced her to use the garden as a toilet. However she rescued herself from the violence in year
2018 but was left living on the streets for six months. Fortunately, she found a place to stay at a rescue centre. Even ther she
suffered more abuse at the shelter as per the media report. She decided to take the extreme step of taking her own life when police made her leave the shelter after her ex-husband moved states

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