Bandatatya Karadkar apologises for ‘liquor’ remarks against Sule, Munde

by Team Deccan Express
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Pune : deccan express Anti-addiction crusader and Warkari sect leader Bandatatya Karadkar has apologised for his controversial remarks against some state women leaders. “Leaders from the State and their children, such as Supriya Sule and Pankaja Munde, consume liquor,” said Karadkar, in Satara on Thursday.


Now, he has clarified saying, “I am ready to apologise, if I hurt the feelings of people, about whom I made the remarks.” He was at Gotondi in Indapur taluka of the district.


Karadkar said, “I spoke to the persons, about whom I made the remarks. If I have said something wrong, then I apologise. It would not lower my stature. I spoke on several topics. However, certain remarks were quoted out of context. You are journalists, you know it well. People across Maharashtra know these alcohol addicts. Nothing new in this. The government is encouraging people to have liquor. Because it gets revenue from its sale.”


Earlier, an agitation was staged in Satara by the Vyasanmukt Yuvak Sangh, Maharashtra to demand withdrawal of the decision to sell wine in supermarkets. Bandatatya Karadkar made these remarks there.


Later, at a programme in Indapur taluka, he interacted with media persons. He said, “I am ready to apologise, if I have gone wrong. Please, do not stretch it too far. People across Maharashtra know these alcoholics.”


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