AMGM to celebrate 8th July, birth anniversary of veteran trekker G. N. Dandekar as ‘Gonida Durgawari Diwas’

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Deccan Express | On the birth anniversary occasion of veteran trekker, explorer, and renowned author G. N. Dandekar, Akhil Maharashtra Giryarohan Mahasangh (AMGM) has formally declared 8th July as ‘Gonida Durgawari Diwas’.
The programme received immense response as over 500 listeners all over Maharashtra attended the webinar.

G.N. Dandekar aka Appa was one of the leading novelist who wrote stories based on his extensive fort exploration in Sahyadri Mountains. Ardent devotee of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and being a curious explorer, he had been to almost every single fort in Sahyadri.

Forts like Rajgad, Raigad, Torna, SInhagad umpteenth times. If he loved anyone to the most, was none but the forts of Sahyadri. Through these explorations, came brilliant books to light such as Durga bhramangatha, Durgadarshan, Shivteerth Raigad. Thousands have drawn inspiration from these books and have hiked up to these forts.

To commemorate Appa’s contribution to the world of literature, history, environment, and to relive his memories, AMGM organized a webinar on 8th July. AMGM President Umesh Zirpe expressed his gratefulness towards Appa and declared that henceforth, AMGM will celebrate 8th July as ‘Gonida Durgawari Diwas’.

Adv. Anand Deshpande expressed that trekkers and hikers should follow Appa’s steps, read his books before going to the forts. Instead of considering forts as picnic spots, he urged everyone to understand historical and geographical aspects of the fort.

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Senior actress, film director, author, and Appa’s granddaughter Mrunal Kulkarni expressed her childhood memories with Appa. She spoke vividly about Appa’s love for the forts, his explorations, and his enthusiasm in explaining the nuances of the fort when as a kid she hiked with him. She appealed that his documentation should now be digitalized and be made available to the next generation.Gonida’s daughter and famous author Dr. Veena Dev shared her scintillating memories with her father. She spoke about how Appa was not just connected to the forts and their structures but also to the locals of the fort. Appa’s presence on fort would bring life to the atmosphere. Many a times he had spent days and months on forts like Rajgad. Dr. Dev sincerely appreciated efforts of Umeh Zirpe and Team AMGM for the unique initiative in the name of Appa.

Remembering Gonida and continuing his legacy of exploration and documentation shall be one of the key responsibilities of AMGM, said Umesh Zirpe.

He further mentioned that AMGM will take an initiative to document Gonida’s works and publish it on digital platform or in audio-visual format. The programme was nicely anchored by Giripremi member and avid trekker Nilesh Deshpande. AMGM vice president Hrishikesh Yadav thanked all the speakers and audience and concluded the programme.

web title :  AMGM to celebrate 8th July, birth anniversary of veteran trekker G. N. Dandekar as ‘Gonida Durgawari Diwas’

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