Ahmednagar | I would have pointed out laxities in multi-state cooperatives to Amit Shah but…: Hasan Mushrif

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Ahmednagar : deccan express Cooperation is a state subject while multi-state cooperatives is a central subject. However, the multi-state cooperative has become a private money lending business, which is against the state Constitution, claimed Ahmednagar District Guardian Minister Hasan Mushrif on Saturday.


Mushrif said, “Had I been invited for the cooperatives conference held in the presence of Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah, I would have pointed out laxities in multi-state cooperatives to Shah.”


“I am the guardian minister of Ahmednagar district. I also work in the cooperatives sector. I was not invited. Some sugar mills are run under the multi-state cooperatives Act. Stringent conditions are imposed on farmers such as supplying cent percent sugarcane to factories; attending meetings of factories for three consecutive years, etc. This is against the constitutional provisions. In the future, it would be mandatory to get recommendations of the ruling party to contest polls of such institutions. This would be a violation of the Constitution,” said Mushrif.


The state government issues NOCs to such multi-state cooperatives. However, they are only meant for expanding business, he said.


The newly formed Union Cooperation Ministry is, in a way, putting restrictions on the cooperatives sector. The central laws monitoring cooperatives are very stringent. Some corrupt people are saving their skin by dodging state laws by forming certain clauses. The Union Cooperation Ministry is just a farce, said Mushrif.


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