Digital media will face legal action for spreading fake news

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New Delhi: With the rapid increase of fake news on digital media, the government has decided to tighten noose around such platforms and brought digital news media under the purview of the law. With this decision, now it will also come in a three-tier monitoring system like OTT and social media platforms.

They have to follow the code of the Press Council of India, the programme code of the TV channels, the rules of the News Broadcasters Standard Authority and the IT Act. Complaints against them will be investigated on the basis of journalistic ethics. That is, digital media publishers will also be prosecuted for wrong news and tarnishing someone’s image.

Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that freedom of news media is unlimited, but it is necessary to be accountable. They too have got freedom of expression, just like newspapers and TV channels, but they should also bear the responsibilities that come with it.

Just as TV channels show scrolls apologizing for making mistakes, the same can be done for OTT and digital news media. Also, there will be a provision for punishment against them if they come within the purview of the already decided law.

At the same time, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the government does not know how many digital news media there are in the country. After the introduction of new guidelines, it is expected that they will be calculated.


– For complaints related to OTT, a body should be headed by a former judge or expert.
– Digital Media channels will have to tell the source of the information. Settle the complaint within the stipulated time.

– suitable for everyone – U
2- Suitable for those above seven years of age- U/A7 Plus
3- Suitable for those above 13 years of age – U/A13 Plus
4- Suitable for those above 16 years of age – U/A 16 Plus
5- Suitable for adults only- A
– Parental lock will have to be provided for U/A 13 Plus class.

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