Winter has arrived, but know how harmful it can be to your body

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Deccanexpress ;As soon as the winters get started, we should care more about our body and health because this season creates many changes in our body which affects badly and in this season our body and mind gets lazy because of which we don’t care much about what is happening to our body.

Tongue and lips
In winters because of the cold weather and winds of winter our lips get dry and because of which again and again we use our tongue on lips to get rid of the dryness. But the Enzyme in our tongue is not good for the skin of the lips and also it can make you sick.

Teeth pain in winters
If your teeth are sensitive then cold drinks and other cold things must cause pain in your teeth and like that cold winds in winters trigger the oral sensitivity. Especially if you have a hairline fracture, crown, bridge or periodontal disease associated with gums. In case of such a problem, you should consult the dental expert.

High blood sugar
Patients suffering through high blood sugar should be more careful during winters. According to Endocrinologist Denise Gage,” in cold and warm temperature your body releases Stress hormones like cortisol. This may contribute to insulin resistance. Diabetes patients must check their blood sugar level in blood at least once in this season.

Belly fat
White fat present in our body is not considered good for our health but do you know in our body there is one more kind fat which is called brown fat. In winters this fat burns calories in your body and helps in keeping your body warm. Robert Segal, founder of Manhattan Cardiology, says that brown fat can be increased by exercising in winter.

Dry skin
In winters we suffer through the problem of dry skin and Lip bursts it is due to lack of water in the body. In summers we drink more water comparative to winters but in winters also our body needs the same amount of water as summers and because of lack of water, our body gets dehydrated which affects our skin and health badly.

Vitamin D can increase the problem of migraine. Dr. Robert segal said that in winters dry season can trigger dehydration in your body and dehydration can lead to migraine

Hard muscles
In summers our body remains warm because of the temperature but in winters the cold weather makes your muscles hard. In winters blood circulation in the body is very low and to keep body healthy exercise is very important in winters.

In winters, usually people complain about pain in joints and bones and people suffering from arthritis have more such kind of pain. But this pain is not because of the winter season but it is because of the barometric pressure. Patients with arthritis are more susceptible to pain due to changes in atmospheric pressure in the cells.

Wrinkles on skin
In winters humidity is not present in the atmosphere and also cell renewal gets increased. Skin gets directly in contact with ultra violet rays and our food habits also change because of which circulation in skin is low and it loses its fresh glow.

In winters cold and flu are the most occurring diseases and people suffering through asthma are affected by this more. Allergy and asthma network’s MD Poorvi Parikh says that Indoor allergies like dust mites, animal dander and fungus in the home also trigger asthma.

Snow blindness
Sun Rays are harmful for humans both in winters and summers. But you must not be knowing that rays which come through snow are harmful for our eyes. Rays from snow are so harmful that they can even cause cancer and also snow blindness. Therefore, experts also recommend wearing UV blocking sunglasses during driving.

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