Vitamin F | Don’t ignore Vitamin F if you want healthy and glowing skin

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Deccan Express Vitamin F | You must know about vitamins and minerals, and also know how vitamins work to keep your skin healthy. You may have also used Vitamin C and Vitamin E to improve the skin, but there is one vitamin that you may not have noticed yet. That is Vitamin F, know here how it can be beneficial for your skin.

According to Dr Bhavuk Mittal, a dermatologist at Columbia Asia Hospital, Vitamin F stands for Fat. It is made up of a combination of two essential fat lines namely leek fat and alpha lino leek fat. However, the first fat is called omega 6 and the second is also called omega 3. Our body is unable to make both of these elements by itself.

That’s why they are called essential fatty acids. This fat is beneficial for our skin as well as brain development and vision. It can be obtained from linseed oil, olive oil, corn and soybean oil.


1. Enhances skin barrier function :

Our skin has many layers and the top layer is called barrier and the job of this layer is to protect your skin from environmental pollution. Fatty acids are needed to improve your skin barrier and it is also necessary for you to heal from wounds etc.


2. Maintains skin’s moisture :

When your skin does not produce enough sebum, your skin lacks moisture and it becomes dry. Fatty acids or vitamin F are substances that help moisturize and lubricate the surface of your skin.


3. Helpful in fighting acne :

According to research by NCBI, fatty acids help in reducing and healing your acne. It is essential for the healthy function of your skin cells and also helps protect them from damage.


4. Relieves Inflammatory Skin

The omega 3 present in vitamin F protects your skin from inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and burns caused by the harmful rays of the sun. This vitamin helps our skin to recover quickly and get relief from pain.


5. Reduces the signs of aging :

This vitamin is also helpful in protecting your skin from aging. If you have the problem of wrinkles, fine lines etc., then you must use Vitamin F. However, more research is still needed in this subject.

If you want to use Vitamin F, you can find oils, serums and creams for this in the market, which contain vitamin F as the main ingredient. You can use these products twice a day to get better results.

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