Stress Management : This Article Will Surely Help You Manage Stress & Anxiety During COVID-19 Outbreak

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi : This sudden break in running life and fear of coronavirus has started to affect people’s mental health. There are three reasons behind this. One is the fear of being infected with the Coronavirus, second is uncertainty about jobs and business, and the third is loneliness due to lockdown. People’s mental health problems have increased. Problems like stress, despair, frustration have increased.

Although it is natural for a person to be depressed, but when this feeling remains for a long time, then understand that the person is in a state of tension. It is a mental disorder in which a person does not like anything. He finds his life dull, empty and full of sorrows. Each person may be stressed for different reasons. This problem arises due to excessive pressure of something or work.

How To Get Rid Of Stress –
1. To get rid of stress, first of all make changes in your lifestyle.

2. Do meditation and yoga. It will also keep you mentally and physically healthy.

3. Stay with people who are happy and positive. Avoid getting up and down with negative people, as they can make you negative too.

4. Get enough sleep, but do not sleep for long. Set a time to sleep and wake up in the morning.

5. Do not debate unnecessarily. This increases the tension even more.

6. Share your concerns with friends and family. This will reduce your problems.

7. Do not do more work than physical capacity. doing work for hours creates a state of tension.

8. Instead of thinking about problems, try to solve them.

9. It is important to strengthen yourself mentally. You have to keep in mind that everything will be fine again and the whole world is busy in this effort. Just wait patiently.

10. We can go out of the house but, standing on the terrace, on the window, on the balcony or in the garden of the house helps you relax. Sunlight also makes us feel good.

11. Maintain your routine. This gives us a purpose and feels normal. As usual, sleep, wake up, eat and exercise on time.

12. An important way is to use this time to fulfill your hobby. Do your favorite work that you could not do due to lack of time. This will give you immense happiness as if an unfulfilled wish has been fulfilled.

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