Scrub | What is scrub, how to do it and what’s it benefits, Know everything in detail

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Deccan ExpressThere are many things involved in a skin care routine. Cleansing, toning, face wash and scrubbing is also included in these. Many people give more importance to face wash or cleansing. However, they forget that scrubbing is also an integral part of the skin care routine. In such a situation, in this article, we have brought more and more information related to the benefits and methods of scrubbing. Along with this, here we will also tell about the advantages of it as well as disadvantages of scrub in excess or incorrectly. So read the article till the end for the benefits of face scrub and other important information related to it.


What is Scrub?

Scrub is a coarse cream-like thing that can be used to clean the dirt and dead cells from the skin. It is recommended to scrub once or twice a week to remove the accumulated dirt on the skin. Apart from this, the benefits of scrubbing are many, about which we will tell further in the article. Before that let’s take a look at the type of scrub.


Types of scrub

Before knowing the benefits of scrubbing, before that let us know the types of scrubs. There are many types of scrubs available in the market, but here we are giving information about some of the main types of scrubs. So the types of scrubs are:

– Sugar scrub
– Coffee scrub
– Salt scrub
– Herbal scrub
– Moisturizing body scrub
– Hand scrub
– Foot scrub


Benefits of scrubbing

Benefits of scrubbing can be many. We are mentioning some of these main benefits in this part of the article. So some of the benefits of scrub are as follows:


Cleanse the skin:

Facial scrubs can act as a kind of cleanser. Actually, scrubbing can deeply cleanse the dirt present in the skin. This can make the skin look fresh and glowing. So, including scrubbing in the home remedy to clean the skin color can also be a good option.


Remove dead skin and flakes:

Scrub can also prove to be effective in removing the dead cells present in the skin. It can deeply cleanse the skin by removing dead skin. Along with this, it can also remove the flakes that appear on the skin, that is, the crust that looks like dandruff. It can act as a natural exfoliator. They contain small rough substances that can be helpful in removing dead cells from the skin.


Makes skin glowing and soft:

Scrubbing can make the skin soft and glowing. When the skin is clean, then it looks glowing. Also the skin starts feeling soft like a baby’s skin. The tiny particles present in the scrub can replace the old skin with new skin. This process is called exfoliation and can lead to a glowing skin after exfoliation. It can also be somewhat effective on pimples and wrinkles.


Brightens the skin tone:

It is believed that scrubbing can also improve the complexion of the skin. This is also mentioned in the information related to this. When dead skin cells, dirt, scabs and freckles are removed, the complexion can be improved.


Things to keep in mind during scrub

You already know that the benefits of scrub for the skin are many. However, during this time it is also necessary to keep some things in mind. In such a situation, read below some things to note during and after scrub:

– Before scrubbing the skin, wash the face thoroughly with face wash.
– Before scrubbing, do a patch test of whatever material you are using in the scrub.
– Do not rub the skin excessively while scrubbing.
– Moisturize the skin well after the scrub.
– If you have to go out of the house after scrubbing, then definitely apply sunscreen after the moisturizer.
– Do not scrub daily.
– Scrub the skin only once a week or fifteen days.


Disadvantages of scrub

If the scrub has advantages, then it may also have some disadvantages. So if not scrubbing properly or scrubbing too much, there can be some damage. Some of these are as follows:

– Scrubbing vigorously can peel off the skin.
– Scrubbing for a long time on sensitive skin can make the skin red.
– Some people may be at risk of being allergic to certain types of scrubs.
– Over-scrubbing and not using a moisturizer can dry out the skin.

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