Scientists’ warning | Face mask is not safe for children, Know in detail

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Mumbai : Deccan Express | –  Scientists’ warning |  In order to protect against the increasing cases of coronavirus around the world, health experts are placing more emphasis on using COVID appropriate behavior along with vaccination. Appropriate COVID prevention measures include wearing a mask properly, washing hands regularly and following social distancing norms. In this too, more emphasis is being placed on wearing masks, because the virus enters the body through the nose and mouth, so the mask is considered more effective. But is it right for everyone to wear a mask continuously? In a recent study in this regard, scientists have alerted parents about children wearing masks for long hours.

Scientists say that it can be problematic for young children to wear a mask for even a short time. During the study, it has been found that the level of carbon-dioxide can increase in children wearing masks for even just 3 minutes. On the basis of this study, scientists have warned parents not to let children go out of the house too much, which will reduce the need for them to wear masks.

Wearing a mask can increase carbon-dioxide levels
What are the implications of young children wearing masks in schools and other public areas? To find out about this, a study was conducted under the leadership of researchers from Poland, Germany and Austria. In the study, researchers found that wearing masks in some children caused carbon dioxide levels to exceed the normal range by up to twelve times. 45 children were included for this study and all were tested after wearing a mask for two to three minutes.

The amount of carbon dioxide may increase more than normal

In this study, published in the JAMA journal, researchers have reported that even wearing a mask for three minutes, children are breathing an average of 0.04 percent of carbon dioxide, while its maximum healthy level is only 0.2 percent. Researchers found that children of all age groups had carbon dioxide levels higher than healthy levels after wearing masks. Researchers say that although our study sample is small, all children in the study have been found to have carbon dioxide levels at least three times higher than healthy levels due to wearing masks, which is certainly a matter of concern. Increased levels of carbon dioxide can cause severe breathing problems,
which in many cases can be fatal.

What is the conclusion of the study?

The researchers say,
we are also assuming that since this study was done in a laboratory setting,
it is possible that some children may have been apprehensive and were not breathing normally.
However, based on the findings of the study,
it can definitely be said that wearing a mask for a long time for children can have more bad effects than good.
Health organisations need to think more seriously about this and take decisions.

Researchers say that wearing a mask is considered very important in protecting against corona infection,
although it should be reconsidered how safe it is for children.
At present, on the basis of the study,
it can be said that this is not a permanent way to keep children safe from corona infection,
because it can cause another kind of trouble.
To prevent infection, prevent children from going out of their homes as much as possible,
so that they need to wear masks to a minimum.

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