Rubal Agarwal gets Arun Bongirwar Award for her outstanding work in Pune during the pandemic

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Mumbai :   deccan express  – State Integrated Child Development Services Scheme Commissioner Rubal Agarwal has been named for the prestigious Arun Bongirwar Public Service Excellence Award. She has been honoured for her work during the first and second waves of the pandemic when she was Additional Municipal Commissioner in Pune, which had a very high caseload. Gadchiroli Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal will also receive this award. (Rubal Agarwal )

Agarwal was given the charge of health management after the first Covid-19 patient was found in the city in March 2020. She was leading from the front in arranging beds for patients and opening the Jumbo Covid Centre. Agarwal oversaw setting up of the new hospital in the shortest possible time as the caseload increased and the death rate shot up. On the other hand, beds were acquired in private hospitals and their administrations were asked to provide treatment to Covid patients. This provided a big relief to relatives of patients in and around Pune. Agarwal also successfully implemented a system, where Oxygen was saved when it was in short supply and lives were saved.

She took a bold decision of shifting nine critical Covid patients to a municipal hospital from a private hospital, where oxygen supply was exhausted.

She focused on deploying an adequate number of doctors at the Jumbo Covid Centre and government hospitals to reduce the death rate. She also set up a separate system for managing the supply of Remdesivir injections, when it was being black-marketed. Moreover, she started a separate section for mucormycosis patients as they were frightened due to its severity.

Her dynamic leadership and bold decisions have been duly recognised through this award. The award distribution will take place on January 6. The Arun Bongirwar Foundation has organised the function. Eminent people from all walks of life will be present for the event.

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