Oasis Fertility introduces ‘IVF at Home’ service in Pune

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Pune: Considering the fear and stress of stepping out of your home during the Covid-19 outbreak, Oasis Fertility has brought a ground breaking approach to fertility treatments. Oasis Fertility has started its IVF @ Home service to bring smiles on thousands of childless couples, who have always desired to have one but due to Covid scare have not been venturing out.

Dr Durga G Rao, Medical Director and Co-Founder of Oasis Fertility said, “Infertility is a global public health issue. In India one in six couples suffer with infertility. The chances of a woman getting pregnant deteriorates with every passing month. Hence couples who make it to a fertility clinic immediately after trying to have a baby naturally for a year have got higher chances for conception. Woman with positive attitude have a higher chance of getting pregnant than woman who stress. A recent study found that women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that correlates with stress, have a harder time getting pregnant.”

“We understood that patients are scared to attempt IVF treatments in Covid times and are under lot of stress. Therefore we came up with a very innovative, unique and first of it kinds idea of offering all our deserving patient a solution of IVF treatment at home,” Rao added.

Groundbreaking approach to Fertility Treatments

Dr Nilesh Balkawade Clinical Head at Oasis Fertility said, “We have ensured that there is no breach of protocols being violated even as we take the IVF treatments out of the clinic to the patients doorstep. We are very excited to launch IVF @ Home. While the stimulation, monitoring, injections all are being done at home, patient still has to come for the egg pick up and transfer to the clinic.”

Kiran Gadela, Co Founder and Managing Director of Oasis Fertility said, “We at Oasis Fertility have been on the forefront of innovation and clinical excellence. During Covid times we have created some robust SOPs to treat our patients. Safety of the patients is our highest concern.”

A dedicated Nursing manager will be allocated who coordinate the treatment and treatments are monitored closely by the doctors remotely with virtual consultations, and nurse would be deployed at patients home to monitor, give injections and get the investigations done from the comfort of the patients home, we also would be extending white gloves medical support to the patients at home. “

Salient Features:

• Treatment @ Comfort of your home

• Contactless Patient Engagement

• Fewer visits to the clinic

• White Gloves Medical Support

• Dedicated Nursing Manager

• Virtual Doctor Consultations

• Privacy

• Customized

• Flexible

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