Menstrual Health | Ladies, keep the body clean during menstruation,This is where the infection starts, Check details

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New Delhi :  Deccan Express  – Menstrual Health | Menstruation (Periods) is a natural process that every woman has to go through. Menstrual periods stay for four to five days, during which it is important for women to take special care of hygiene. This is because if menstruation hygiene is not maintained properly, there is a risk of many diseases.

There is still a lack of awareness among women about menstrual hygiene. Women do not speak freely on this topic. Hygiene and problems in this regard should be talked openly so that the problem can be cured in time.

This is how every woman should maintain hygiene during menstruation

1) Clean underwear should be worn during menstruation and it should be made of cotton. Otherwise the problem of acne can arise. Keep extra underwear with you. If there is a stain, replace it immediately.

2) If underwear gets period blood, wash them with Dettol water.

3) Even today many women use clothes instead of sanitary pads. If you are also using cloth, it should be of cotton and most importantly, do not use the same cloth again after using it once.

4) If you are using a pad, replace it within six to eight hours. If excessive bleeding occurs, replace it early. Dirty and damp pads can cause infection.

5) After using the sanitary napkin, remove it and put it in the dustbin.

6) Keep extra sanitary napkins, tissue paper, and hand sanitizer in your bag.

7) Some women feel tired during menstruation, for this she can take a bath by adding salt in lukewarm water. This eliminates physical fatigue.

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