How to overcome fatigue and weakness, add ‘these’ food items to the your diet

by amolwarankar
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Mumbai : There are two ways of feeling fatigue and weak one is mentally and another is physically. In case of physical it is due to continuous work and the changing lifestyle. Mentally, it is when your mind is tired of over thinking and no energy is left to do physical work. However this can be managed with activities which can divert your mind and more importantly by consuming food that will make you feel fresh. Here is the lost of food items which can help you feel fresh and easy going.


Weakness and fatigue can be overcome by taking pomegranate. Consuming pomegranate daily is very beneficial for health. There can also be fatigue and weakness due to lack of blood in the body by consuming pomegranate, blood deficiency in the body can be overcome.

Desi Ghee

Consuming desi ghee is very beneficial for health. Weakness and fatigue can be removed by consuming desi ghee daily. Ghee also have properties which can help you boost immunity in the body. Ghee can toughen your bones and bring flow on face.


Popularly known as Tulsi is rich in many medicinal properties. Include basil in the diet to remove fatigue and weakness.
Consuming Tulsi also increases immunity. It is also useful to cure viral fever of bacterial illness.


Bananas have vitamin, calcium, iron, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties which are helpful in making the body healthy. Banana should be consumed daily to remove weakness and fatigue.

Vitamin D

One can either consume food items or take vitamin D supplements. However the best source of Vitamin D is sun. While sitting in morning sun for certain amount of time will make you feel fresh and help you overcome the fatigueness in you body. It will also boost you immunity power.

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