Health risk of being overweight

by amolwarankar
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Deccanexpress : Researchers of Mishingngham State University which also included researchers of Indian origin found that the excess fats in our body invite many serious diseases, they also told about the visceral fat which wraps around your abdominal organs deep inside your body and is harmful to our body.

Here’s a closer look at various conditions that are linked to being obese or overweight.

Cancer: Unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle lead to the accumulation of fatty acid and visceral fat which are extra fats and gradually these fats turn into cancer cells.

Increased Glucose Level: According to many researchers it has been proved that the visceral fat in our body makes our body insulin resistant and the level of glucose in blood also increases which weakens our liver and the muscles.

Accumulation of fats: Too much of any fat is bad for your health. Accumulation of the visceral fat is more likely to raise your risk for serious medical issues. Visceral adipose tissue is a hormonally active component that influences several normal and pathological processes in the human body and causes other problems.

Physical Activity: Physical Activity Fortunately can help you lose visceral fats from your body. This type of fat melts quite faster than their deposition. A balanced diet and physical activity can help you reduce your belly fat. Avoiding fast fried food and developing a habit of walking and jogging can help you to get rid of the extra fat in your body.

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