Fitness band can prove to be coronavirus detector

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi: Coronavirus has become a permanent member of the planet. By now it has been clear that coronavirus won’t eradicate within 6 months or year, in fact even if the positive cases declines, it won’t totally disappear.

Experts believe that social distancing, wearing masks, disinfecting the surroundings, maintaining cleanliness are some measures that can help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Apart from it,if testing and virus detection methods take less time, coronavirus spread can be minimised.

Scientists are now investigating whether fitness gadgets can measure health parameters as well as coronavirus. Smart gadgets and fitness trackers help in measuring health parameters, few among them can even find out about heart attack like situations. Along with it few trackers measure sleep patterns as well. These trackers measure heart beats, which is an important parameter. Similarly, can the same technology be used to detect the respiratory system related issues.

Although COVID19 symptoms are cough, cold and fever which are related to lungs. But if any infection is growing in the body the heart can detect it. Researchers measured and recorded daily activity, so that they could identify low levels of daily activity. The combination of these two measures helped researchers to predict who has an influenza-like illness.

Fitness bands record heart rate and are able to store data for long periods of time, they can prove to be excellent gadgets to detect coronavirus. Especially, at a time where it is not easy to conduct a corona test.

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