First time in History, Immune system cured two HIV positive patient

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Pune : Earlier, bone marrow was transplanted into the bodies of people twice. After which the HIV virus in the body was very rapidly reduced and did not return. However, this is for the first time the immune system of the body has automatically fought HIV and eliminated it, without any external help.

Scientists and doctors from all over the world are shocked by this incident. Because HIV is incurable, anyone who suffers from it has to rely on medicines for life. In such a situation, if it gets fixed on its own then it will be surprising.

When the case came to light, after that, the doctors examined 1.5 billion or 150 crore cells present in the body. This patient was named EC2. According to the report published in Science magazine Nature on 26 August, there is no active virus of HIV in this patient’s body. This means that it was infected with HIV and cured itself.


Another man was also investigated. Its name is EC1.  100 million cells of its body were examined, only one active virus was found in its body. The genetics of the body of these two humans is such that it can eliminate the activation of HIV.


After so much investigation, scientists have named these two as Elite Controllers (EC). Elite controllers mean people who have HIV in their body but are completely inactive or in small amounts that can be cured without any medication. The symptoms of HIV or damage from these people were also not seen.


Researcher Satya Dandekar, University of California, said ‘it does not look like a few months or years. It seems that the immune system is developing in a very long time. Around 350 million people in the world are infected with HIV. 99.50 percent of these patients are those who have to take antiretroviral medication i.e. HIV medicine every day. Controlling the disease is almost impossible without medication.


Satya added, ‘so far no scientist has recorded or prepared a report on the conflict between the immune system and HIV of the elite controllers. Not all of us have paid attention to the human body’s first attack on HIV, the immune system. So by the time an elite controller is declared, it has already defeated HIV.

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