COVID19 : Know what are the symptoms in children

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Deccanexpress : The symptoms of COVID-19 in children are seen as slightly different than in adults. Not only symptoms but the effect of virus transmission is seen as less serious in kids, In comparison to adults. It is believed that it will take some time to be able to fully launch the vaccine for kids. Many cities have started to open up schools or are planning to open soon, therefore it is important to know the symptoms of COVID-19 in kids.

Mainly there are four symptoms seen in kids.

1. Fever: Mild and frequent fever is a common symptom of infection in children. Even in the coronavirus, the first symptom in adults is fever. Which can be mild to fast.

2. Exhaustion: lack of energy are other signs that are seen in children due to Covid-19. According to the research, 55 percent of the children who got coronavirus showed frequent exhaustion and lack of energy.

3. Headache: Headache is not the initial symptom of Covid-19, but it is seen in 14 percent of adults. However, these symptoms are common in children and maybe an early symptom of Covid-19

4. Do children also lose their sense of smell?
Inability to smell or taste is a very strange symptom of the coronavirus, which can be seen even in children. The research found that very few children saw sniffing and loss of taste, which were not as severe as adults. Apart from this, the children also had symptoms like sore throat and runny nose. Apart from this, symptoms like diarrhea, body pain, loss of appetite are also very common in children.

5. Other symptoms: According to the researchers, in addition to these symptoms, skin rashes and swelling can also be symptoms of infection. Which is known as ‘Covid-Toes’. If there are a sudden rash and swelling in the baby’s skin, then it can also be a symptom of Covid-19.

What to do if the symptoms of coronavirus are seen in a child?

Like adults, serious illness can be avoided if the symptoms of corona in children are treated immediately. Although mild forms of corona infection are being seen in children, it would be prudent to treat them in time. Immediately after the child shows signs of the corona, keep it in isolation, and contact the doctor.

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