Consuming alcohol will make vaccination ineffective, warns doctor

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NEW DELHI: The world’s largest vaccination drive against deadly Covid-19 is underway in India with second phase started on March 1. Till now, 27.1 crore people have been vaccinated against the disease. This means every day at least 1 lakh people are getting vaccinated.

However, if you are in a mood to celebrate your successful vaccination with a drink, then you need to think twice before saying Cheers…! Going by a doctor’s advice, alcohol numbs T-cells, causes liver inflammation and changes gut bacteria — all vital for developing immunity. These effects last for several days.

Dr Arvinder Singh Soin shared this important information in a twitter post.

“At the very least, no alcohol for a week before and two weeks after the vaccine. And even outside of this timeframe, limit it to two drinks/day and 10/week,” Dr Soin cautioned.

Even Head of Russia’s Gamalaya Institute Alexander Ginzburg stated that consuming alcohol will make the vaccine ineffective.

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