Benefits of Giloy, boost your immunity power

by amolwarankar
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Pune: Coronavirus has been traced upon the importance of immunity. It has become necessary to take care of immunity. There are different ways to get immune. Health experts claim that immunity can be increased by boiling Giloy leaves in water and drinking it. Some people drink its leaves mixed with other fruits in juice.

Giloy leaves are like betel leaves. Calcium, protein, phosphorus are found in sufficient quantities. Apart from this, there is also a good amount of starch in its stems. It is a great power drink, which boosts the immune system as well as protects it from many dangerous diseases.

Besides the metabolic system, fever, cough, cold and gastrointestinal problem, it can protect you from many major diseases. It can be used in boiled water, juice, Kadha, tea or coffee. The great masters of science also consider Giloy leaves to be an excellent Ayurvedic medication.

1.It is helpful in relieving anemia. Taking this mixture with ghee and honey ends blood loss.

2.Giloy leaf is also considered beneficial for jaundice patients. Some people take it in the form of powder and some boil its leaves in water and drink it. If you wish, you can also grind Giloy leaves and mix it with honey.

3. People suffering from burning sensation in the hands and feet or skin allergy can also include it in the diet. Prepare a paste by grinding Giloy’s leaves and apply it on the feet and palms in the morning and evening.

4. Use of Giloy is beneficial in many stomach related diseases. It does not cause constipation and gas problems and digestion also remains healthy.

5.Giloy is also used to relieve fever and cold. If you have a fever for a long time and the temperature is not decreasing, drinking Giloy leaves.

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