Anger makes you a bad person, then here are few tips to control anger

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi: Every human being on this earth has a different mindset and nurtured differently. People due to their social conditioning grows distinct nature. Some grows up to be courteous, some bubbly and few very aggressive. Aggression comes in when some is way angry but doesn’t how to express it. Many times individuals find themselves in a dangerous situation created due to their uncontrollable anger. People express their anger in two ways, one by harming other or by harming themselves. Nonetheless, how to overcome anger or channelize it. Here are few tips.

• To reduce anger, drink cold water, it will distract you and help you in calming your nerves in the body. Taking a countdown is a traditional method, yet also effective. Do try it once.

• Instead of reacting to anything in anger stay quiet and take up sexercising. Go on walk when you are angry, either do cycling. You can also start walking or run up and down the stairs. This will give you chance not to think on what has happened.

• Take long breaths to control anger. See some nice scenery or photos. Listen to the song, start reading.

• You will be surprised to know, but whenever you are angry, use a perfume or deo or smell the fresh flowers it will release your tensions. The anger will disappear in a few seconds.

• Meditation will help you in channelizing your energy. It will make you feel stress-free and acts as an excellent tonic for lasting peace of mind and also increases mental abilities. Meditation will bring you peace of mind and reduce your stress levels.

• Find a hobby, that can help you distract from your real problems. For instance taking up painting or journaling. Paint what you like as colours can soothe you, writing can help you release all the thoughts you are thinking about.

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