Vindu Dara Singh: Rakhi Sawant doesn’t know when to stop

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Mumbai: Bigg Boss 3 winner Vindu Dara Singh is all set to enter the 14th season of the controversial reality show in the Family Week.

He will come in for Rakhi Sawant and has opened up about the bizarre antics she displays in the show.Vindu spoke to IANS about how Rakhi does not know when to stop and that she does not need to keep tagging along Abhinav Shukla in the name of entertainment.

“You must have seen the episode where she is speaking to Arshi and saying, ‘apne ko kuch karna hai. apne kandhe par bahut bojh hai (I have the pressure to prove a point)’. According to her she has gone to Bigg Boss to entertain and do things that are rocking. So this was her plan,” Vindu told IANS.

He understands that Rakhi does not know where to draw the line.”Abhinav (Shukla) said that she is the East of entertainment. But Rakhi doesn’t have the T in the East… Abhinav and Rubina have understood that they should not have given her that leeway and she is going out of limits,” Vindu said.

He added, “I will make Rakhi understand. Whatever Rakhi does makes people laugh. She doesn’t need to keep this track on…”Vindu shared his understanding about how the whole angle if Rakhi “romancing” Abhinav began.

“The main reason this happened was because she was initially enjoying everything and everything was good, but Bigg Boss gave that task of Rakhi pouring oil on Abhinav and she went wild. Then she wrote things on herself and Abhinav got put off,” he said.

“Rakhi doesn’t know when to stop and this is the problem, so that is one thing I want to go inside and tell her,” he said.

Vindu added that Rakhi can do several other things that can make everyone laugh.

“For Rakhi, having a track with Abhinav is not the only track. She can do thousand things. She can just take water and talk to it and make you laugh. She doesn’t need to do anything else,” he concluded.

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