Urmila Matondkar slams Kangana Ranaut, asks do you know Himachal Pradesh is known as base for drugs

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Mumbai: Bollywood actors are now vocally speaking about drugs in Bollywood. This time Urmila Matondkar bashed Kangana Ranaut, said ‘if Kangana wants to start a war against drug abuse, she should begin with her home state, Himachal Pradesh’.

In an interview Urmila questioned the Panga actress about the origin of drugs.
She further added, if Rananut knew about the drug prevalence in Bollywood, she should have informed the police.

Urmila commented on the Y-plus security provided to her by the centre. She quizzed why did this person who has been given Y-security from the taxpayers’ money didn’t give information about the drug nexus to the police?

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut have been quite active this days. She made a statement a few days ago in which she said that 99% of people in the industry take drugs. Along with it Kangana compared Mumbai to PoK. Since then there has been chaos in both political and film fraternity.

Earlier, veteran ctress and politician Jaya Bachchan and Hema Malini also expressed their displeasure over the matter being blown up and said they would not tolerate anything against Mumbai and the film industry. Urmila Matondkar being next has also targeted Kangana’s claim on the drug addict.

She said that there is no doubt that Mumbai belongs to everyone. Anyone who has loved the city has received love from the city. I will not tolerate a single insult against this city. Whenever you make such a statement, you do not insult the city but insult a large number of people living there.

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