Telugu television actress Sravani Kondapalli committed suicide, leaving fans in shock

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Hyderabad: Telugu television actress Sravani Kondapalli of Manasu Mamata and Mounaragam fame was all over the news and shocked her fans by committing suicide on Wednesday

The 26-year-old actress allegedly hung herself at her home in Madhuranagar, Hyderabad on Tuesday night and was found by her brother Shiva. The family took her to private hospital. However she was declared dead by doctor.

The family has filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend Devaraj Reddy at SR Nagar police station, alleging that she took the extreme step due to constant harassment by Reddy whom she met on TikTok. He approached her as he was interested in acting in television shows.

Shravani’s brother Shiva explained the sequence of events to the media and said, “She had to attend a shoot on Wednesday and she locked her room under the guise of taking a bath. My mother Paparatnam was busy cooking for us in the kitchen. When she did not come out of her room even after fifteen minutes, I peeked in and could see something was wrong. I called my sister’s friend immediately and he helped us break open the door, but we were too late.”

Shiva also claimed his sister already paid him rupees 30,000 and 80,000 on two separate occasions because he was blackmailing her with some personal pictures. On Tuesday night, she told us he blackmailed her again and she was feeling bad. I didn’t think she would take this step.”

Sravani’s Mounaragam co-star Priyanka M Jain took to social media to share a picture of them from behind-the-scenes and wrote, “This wasn’t the way to go. My heart cries as I write this. Never thought that I would post it like this. Rest in peace love. I just so wish you come and hug me the way you used to. Gonna miss you forever.”

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