Swwapnil Joshi’s Samantar 2 set to release soon

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Deccan Express Amidst heightened anticipation, Swwapnil Joshi starrer Samantar 2  for Its Second Season.
MX Player’s edge-of-the-seat thriller – Samantar won the hearts of the viewers and critics alike in the first edition of the series that saw Marathi superstar Swapnil Joshi step into the role of Kumar Mahajan.

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Season 1 followed Kumar’s search to find Sudarshan Chakrapani (Essayed by Nitish Bharadwaj), a man who had already lived the same life as Kumar and could tell him what’s to happen in the time to come.

This intriguing narrative ended on a cliffhanger with Kumar having found Chakrapani and his diaries of the past, which reveal what Kumar’s future will look like.

Director Sameer Vidwans has already worked with Swapnil in Duniyadari. Samanatar is dubbed in several languages including Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Samantar also features actors like Tejaswini Pandit and Nitish Bharadwaj.

Trailer of second season in next month

2 men, across 2 time periods faced with the same destiny in this one lifetime…will Chakrapani’s Karma truly proves to be Kumar’s Destiny?

To find out, watch the teaser here:

The trailer of this Marathi MX Original Series hits screens on 21st June. Meanwhile, fans are being treated with the teaser.

Presently the Duniyadari actor is a part of the team Maharashtra’s favorite Marathi comedy show ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’. He has occupied the grand chair.

Recently, Swwapnil Joshi had also shared video on a social media platform. In the video, like other actors, the Mitwaa actor was seen rehearsing his act with Nilesh Sable, Bhau Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure, Shreya Bugde, Kushal Badrike, and others.

Earlier, the actor was a part of shows like ‘Fu Bai Fu’ and ‘Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta’. Recently his film, Mogara Phulala completed two years. On the occasion, he shared photos from the set of Mogara Phulala.


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