Sushant Case : Three Important Things That Are Justifying The ‘Suicide Theory’

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Mumbai : The CBI investigation in the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is moving fast. There are many revelations in the investigation of this case. But it is worth noting that during the investigation, no such concrete clue has been revealed so far, which can prove the cause of death of Sushant. However, there are three aspects of the case that lead to the theory of Sushant’s death.

Cloth used for hanging was strong
According to the eyewitnesses who entered the room on June 14, Sushant’s body was hanging with a green cloth. The corpse was hung on the side of the bed, not directly from the fan. During the investigation, it is learned that the cloth by which Sushant committed suicide by making a noose, that cloth can easily carry up to two hundred kilos. So it is believed that Sushant had tied it around his neck only after making a noose of that cloth. And since the distance between Sushant and the fan was only one inch while standing on the bed, he hanged himself on the empty side of the bed.

Suicide was not difficult in that room
Now look at the beds and the condition of that room. The total distance between the ceiling fan and the bed was 5 feet 11 inches in the room. While the height of Sushant was 5 feet 10 inches. That is, after standing on the bed, there is a difference of only 1 inch between Sushant and the fan. When the door of the room opened, Sushant’s corpse was hanging in the air on the other side of the bed, that is, on the side of the bed. That is, Sushant’s body was neither on the bed nor his feet were on the bed. On the other side of the bed, where Sushant’s corpse was swinging, the distance and height of the fan was 8 feet 1 inch. Overall, the distance and circumstances indicate that it was not difficult to commit suicide by hanging there.

Rashes of green cloth were on Sushant’s neck
When the police sent Sushant Singh Rajput’s corpse for postmortem and the forensic team also examined the corpse, they found that there was not a single mark of injury on his body. Nor were there any scratch marks on his body. If there was a scuffle with him in the room, such marks would surely have been found. All the nails of Sushant’s both hands were also very clean. If there was a fight or a scuffle, the nails would have hidden some evidence inside. After the postmortem, the forensic team said in its report that the marks on Sushant’s neck were of the same noose, which was made from a green cloth. It is clear from this that Sushant has killed him by hanging himself.

All those things which were with him at the last moment are also being investigated. He said that the Mumbai police have conducted a forensic investigation of all these things. But since the family members of Sushant did not trust the Mumbai Police investigation, this case has been handed over to the CBI by the Supreme Court. Now CBI’s SIT is trying to explore every aspect of the case.

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