Sushant Case : Rhea latest whatsapp Chat mentions of MDMA drugs, Know ‘Here’ What MDMA is?

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Mumbai: Rhea’s Whatsapp Chat has mentions of MDMA drugs. MDMA drugs are extensively used in Mumbai among celebrities and at parties. It is also known as MD. The cost of 1 pill is worth 1 thousand but price is fixed as per the party.

MDMA ie methylenedioxy methamphetamine is also commonly known as ecstasy. This is a party drug that affects you emotionally. They are smuggled from Europe to Mumbai on a large scale. It works to make you excited, create confusing situations, make you feel strong and relaxed. According to UNODC’s World Drug Report 2020, ecstasy was first made in Eurom. Especially Western and Central Europe. Currently, ecstasy has been bought from Belgium but the source is Europe. Europe produces two-thirds ecstasy in the world.

On August 10, the Narcotics Control Bureau caught MDMA drugs in Mumbai and arrested a DJ named NIHAL. According to the statistics of the years from 2009 to 2018, ecstasy was the most ceased drug all over the world, by this one can get the popularity of such synthetic drugs is increasing.

The latest WhatsApp chats of Rhea have come out in which she talks about the drug. These chats are tried to link with Sushant Case.However, Rhea’s lawyer has claimed she has never taken any drugs and is ready to undergo a blood test.

The chat consists of Miranda Sushi telling Rhea in her message that ‘Hey Rhea, the stuff is almost over.” Should we take it from Shouvik’s friend.Apart from this, a chat Riya has also surfaced on November 25, 2019, in which she is telling Jaya Shah that – put four drops in coffee, tea or water and drink it. It will just take 30-40 minutes to kick.

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