Rhea Chakraborty – ‘I Used To Tell Sushant To Give Me A Baby Who Look Like Him’

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Mumbai : Rhea Chakraborty recently broke her silence on the Sushant Singh Rajput case during an interview. During this, she told many things about the late actor. In addition to her relationship with Sushant, she said, “We never talked formal about marriage, but I always told him that I want a small Sushi (Sushant). Someone who looks like him.” Rhea said that we used to talk like this as a couple.

Rhea further revealed that Sushant was quite honest. I met myself by meeting him. I loved these things very much.

Rhea Chakraborty said that Sushant Singh Rajput was talking about shifting to Coorg by mid-May. His dreams were peace, farming, mountains. Both of us agreed that we can do a film in a year. On June 3, I contacted a doctor and said that I feel Sushant is going into depression. After this, Sushant and the doctor talked. Doctor felt that the actor needed the medicine. Sushant was asking me to go home from June 1. Sushant was not feeling well due to my condition as well, so on June 8, I had a therapy session booked with my doctor. It shows that I had no intention of leaving the house. After this, when he repeatedly said that you go home, I said that I will not leave until your Gurugram sister comes. But he told me to go home before his sister’s arrival.

When Rhea was asked why she broke the silence now, she said, ‘Sushant came in my dream and asked me to tell the truth about our relationship. So I chose today.’

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