Nora Fatehi  | Nora Fatehi falls victim to oops moment while fixing her bra, private parts caught on camera!

by Team Deccan Express
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Mumbai : Deccan Express Bold pictures of Nora Fatehi are becoming fiercely viral on social media. In these photos, Nora Fatehi is seen posing in front of the paparazzi in a white dress. While Nora Fatehi herself is very active on social media, whenever she goes out, the paparazzi do not want to miss a single moment of her. Recently, when paparazzi clicked pictures of Nora in a white dress on the road, in the meantime she became a victim of oops Moment.

Actually, in the photos that surfaced, Nora has been seen fixing her bra in a white dress. She was also seen posing fiercely to the photographers. When Nora Fatehi’s dress started sliding down, she adjusted it in front of the camera.

In these pictures, you can see that Nora was looking very hot from every angle. Talking about Nora’s look, she teamed up her white dress with white heels.


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