Ladybug wins Best Drama in Europe Film Festival

by salil123
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Pune: Produced by Abhishek Chandra and Isabela Valotti, the US- based English short, ‘Ladybug’, has added yet another feather to its long list of accolades. It won the Best Drama Short in the prestigious Europe Film Festival, U.K. This is the second collaboration between Isabela Valotti and Abhishek Chandra after their last successful outing, a musical film titled ‘Coco’.

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. And that’s exactly what this beautiful story spoke to me when I first read it. We have our own unique ways of dealing with grief, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. All you need is that one moment. And that’s what drove me to make this film”, says Abhishek Chandra who not only co-produced this but also Directed it.

Ladybug has already won in 10 other film festivals across the globe and has 9 nominations to its credit. It stars Isabela Valotti, Andre Mattos, Mia Drake and is a production of Meraki Studios, U.S.

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