‘Guggu Gaya’, Sushant’s Ex-GF Ankita Lokhande Screaming In A Viral Video

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Mumbai : After Sushant Singh Rajput, many old videos and photos related to him are going viral. Now Ankita Lokhande has shared a video of her with Sushant. This video is of a trip by Ankita and Sushant. In the video you can see Sushant doing paragliding. Ankita screams in the background of the video, Guggu … Guggu. Fans are liking this video of both of them.

While sharing the video, Ankita wrote, ‘Sushant, we all miss you a lot.’

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How beautifully expressed and written nats ❤️❤️ adi thanku so much for the memories ❤️ #Sushant u will be missed by all of us and all of ur fans 🖐 #keepflying #Repost @natasha_sharma_redij with @make_repost ・・・ काश तूने ये उड़ान भरी ही ना होती यार मेरे ,यां फ़िर काश तू जुड़ा रहता उन सब से जो तुझे तेरी जड़ों से जोड़े रखते थे. यूं तो शायद इतना तुझे याद ना करते हम यार , क्यूंकि तू मसरूफ था, खुश दिखता था खुद की चुनी हुई नयी दिलचस्प गलियों मे, हम भी तेरे यार खुश थे तुझे ऊंचा उड़ता देख कर. इस तरह तुझे खो देने का इल्म होता अगर, तो तुझे ये उड़ान भरने ही ना देते हम यार.क्यूंकि जब तू यहाँ ज़मीन पर था हम यारों के साथ, हस्ते थे हम, गाते भी थे, किस्से एक दूसरे को सुनाते भी थे. क्या हुआ जो ये हस्ता हुआ सपनो को यूं जीता हुआ यार मेरा फ़िर कभी ना हसेगा, ना रोयेगा फ़िर कभी ना जिएगा बस सोयेगा. उसकी इस नींद को सुकून दे या रब #truthshallprevail #justiceforsushantsinghrajput #memories #sushant #Helovedadventures #Manwithavision #manwithdreams This video was recorded by @adittyaredij On one of our vacation together @lokhandeankita your voice pierced through my heart 💔

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A few days ago, Rhea Chakraborty said in a video interview that Ankita Lokhande is behaving like a ‘widow’ of Sushant Singh Rajput. Along with this, Rhea had raised many questions on Ankita. Rhea said that Ankita is fully supporting Sushant’s family and she has a hand in this FIR.

Ankita was in love with Sushant, so how could she not understand my pain. She did not talk to Sushant for 4 years, this is her statement. She was staying in his house. She has shown the picture of just one part of the payment, not the other, and how easily she (Ankita Lokhande) has taken the form like Sushant’s widow while she is in relationship with someone else, who was the friend of Sushant and Ankita, and that too during their relationship. Sushant also has a picture with his boyfriend (Vicky Jain).

Ankita responded to Rhea by posting on women empowerment. She shared some of her pictures and wrote, ‘Girls cry over small things, but handle life’s greatest difficulty with laughter.’

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