Good News : Shaktimaan to be made in three film franchise

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Mumbai: 90 ‘s Children favorite superhero Shaktimaan has a good news to share. Shaktimaan TV series will now be made in to a movie. The film is suppose to be in three parts

India’s first superhero and most powerful has entertained kids in 90s, the show had gained such a foothold among children that everyone had become obsessed with the serial. When Shaktimaan was relaunched at the time of lockdown, the audience got a lot of love from it. In view of this, the makers are now making some big plans.

The Speculation are made of bringing back Shaktimaan on big screen. Mukesh Khanna himself has also told that he is working on it. Shaktimaan is said be made in movies and releasein different parts similar to Avengers. The film will be made in three parts and Shaktimaan’s journey from beginning to end will be shown.

In this regard, the makers say that it will be a bigger film than Krish and Ravan. Shaktimaan is being called the greatest superhero. It will be a big budget film will and will be released on a massive level. Mukesh Khanna says, “it is nothing less than a dream. We are looking for a big face for this film. We won’t announce anything untill everything is finalized”.

“An entire generation has grown up watching and learning from Shaktimaan. I have been promising Shaktimaan fans for a while now that Shaktimaan 2.0 is coming up. So, I am more than happy, and feel extremely responsible towards fans who have literally grown up with me. I have always said ‘Vijayee bhava’ to everyone, but now I think I need to say the same to myself. May God be with me,” Khanna added.

According to the report, the first part of the film Shaktimaan can be released in 2021. The film will be placed around children and the theme of good wins over evil will remain the same. Talking about the star cast, it is not yet clear whether Mukesh Khanna will play the character of Shaktimaan in this film.

Shaktimaan is a tele-series which narrates the adventures of the fictional superhero story of the same name Mukesh Khanna essayed in the blockbuster series that was showcased on Doordarshan from 1997 and 2005.

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