Birthday special: Rakhi Sawant the controversy queen used to eat food thrown by neighbors in childhood.

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Bollywood Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant is celebrating her 42nd birthday today. Rakhi Sawant is a well-known name in the film industry today. The actress may not only be right with her acting but has made a different identity in Bollywood with her dancing. Today, the actress may have fame. But she achieved all on the strength of her hard work, she had to struggle a lot to reach here.

Rakhi has faced many such pains in her life, from poverty to fighting, which we cannot even imagine.  The actress’s childhood has been a struggle. Today, on the occasion of the actress’s birthday, we will give you an insight into Rakhi’s world.

The actor spent her Childhood in utter poverty, neighbors used to give food “It is hardly known that Rakhi Sawant’s real name is Neeru Bheda. The actress changed her name to enter the industry. In Rajiv Khandelwal’s show Jazbat, Rakhi told that she belongs to a very poor family, her father was a constable in the Mumbai Police.

The family faced many worst conditions, they would sleep on an empty stomach. Sometimes the neighbors used to throw the food; Rakhi would pick up the thrown food and would feed herself.

The actress had told in an interview that she was very fond of dancing and acting since childhood, but whenever she used to dance, her maternal uncle would beat her a lot. Because girls were not allowed to dance in her family, she has been brought up in such situations.

Rakhi said that she always wanted to be a part of this industry but the parents wanted her to get married. So she ran away from home, stealing away her parents’ money. After escaping from the house, Rakhi’s family cut all their cords with her which left her all alone.

Rakhi had left the house to enter the industry, but she did not know anything about acting, did not know how to do a photoshoot, nor did she read, nor did she know what item song is?  Happily, she just went to audition because she wanted to become a heroine.

The actress told that she faced many rejections to come here. After facing several rejections, Rakhi decided to get her surgery done. Rakhi underwent surgery for her nose and breast 12 years ago, after which she went to audition again. After this, Rakhi got some films like ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’, ‘Jis Dash mai Ganga rehti hai.’

She was offered smaller rolls along the way but was not recognized. It was in  2005, she got her first recognition with the song ‘Pardesiya’ which became a tremendous hit. This was a remix of the old song.


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