Bigg Boss 14 : ‘These’ five things will be different in this house

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Mumbai: The popular reality show Bigg Boss 14 is all set to entertain the audience with its high-voltage drama. The grand premiere of Bigg Boss 14 will take place on Saturday, October 3, 2020, at 9 pm. The promo is already released promising to be different from last 13 seasons. Even host Salman Khan has confirmed it to be unique this time.

The host Salman Khan is seen with his arms, legs tied with chains and his face covered with a mask in the promo. He said , boredom will be eradicated, stress and tension will disappear

The Bigg Boss houseTwitter handle ‘The Khabri’ shared a tweet- due to the Coronavirus there will be no double bed inside the house. Also, no contestant can share the bed with any other contestant.

Another big change in Bigg Boss 14 is that no contestant will share his or her plate/ glass with others. It has been generally observed that the two contestants with good equation probably tend to eat food from the same plate. No water bottles will be used by each other.

The show has designed tasks in such a way that it won’t require any kind of physical touch. They have tried it to limit as much as they can atleast for some while.

Every week coronavirus test will be conducted for all the contestants in the house. Currently, all the contestants are in quarantine as to make sure that before entering house no loophole is created for spread of the virus.

Unlike other seasons, the contestant will be provided with Mini-theatre, Shoping mall, a restaurant corner and spa in BB14 House. This is done as due to lockdown all this activities were kept on hold.

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