“Dr. Sagar possesses a phenomenal command of language and word choice,” says Padma Shri Actor Manoj Bajpayee

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 Deccan Express – Actor Manoj Bajpayee | Music is something we are all touched by. No matter what culture or language we speak, music instantly connects us. Music enables us to feel almost all the emotions that we might have encountered in our lives. Dr. Sagar has been delivering numerous magnificent tracks for nearly a decade now that have amazed the audience. And now one of the most well-known actors, Manoj Bajpayee, was seen showering Dr. Sagar with admiration for his work. (Actor Manoj Bajpayee)


Manoj Bajpayee was seen singing the Bhojpuri song “Bambai Main Ka Ba,” written by Dr. Sagar and directed by Anubhav Sinha, in which he employs an emotional rap song that portrays Mumbai life. Of all the songs he wrote, this one got him much more love and recognition. The song has crossed over 10 million views. (Actor Manoj Bajpayee)


Actor Manoj Bajpayee expressed his thoughts about Dr. Sagar, saying, “Dr. Sagar hi iss puri kosish ke agrani hain ; kamaal ki samajh hai shabdo aur unke chayan ki.” [Dr. Sagar is the pioneer of this effort; has an excellent understanding of words and their selection].

Speaking about his enormous contribution to the film industry, Dr. Sagar said, “Music has always been elevating and inspiring.” I’ve always used song lyrics to describe emotions and tried to acknowledge that connecting with listeners is crucial. Everything I write is connected to how I perceive the world. I want my work to speak for itself.”


Dr. Sagar’s name is on the list of top ten lyricists for the song “Titli” sung by Papon by The Lallan Top and BBC.
He has also written a famous song, ‘Sehmi hai Dhadkan’,
sung by Atif Aslam, from the movie, ‘Das Dev’, directed by Sudhir Mishra.


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