Youth scammed by luring job abroad, Ministry of External Affairs took a legal action

by amolwarankar
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Varanasi: Every year thousands of people pay lakhs of rupees in order to get job opportunity in abroad but sometimes few of them are scammed. Similar thing happened to young man from Varanasi, in order to get a good job abroad, man was scammed for Rs 1,60, 000 . The youth complained Ministry of External Affairs.

Chandrakesh Seth, resident of Korouta of Lohta police station area, said that he is unemployed for now. According to him, in 2018, his friend Shamim told that a person named Jamsher, resident of Ashok Vihar Colony of Shivpur police station area helps in getting a job abroad. He met Jamsher, during the meeting, Jamsher said that he will get a job of Rs.40000 and do not have to pay for food but that will cost him atleast 1 lakh rupees. Chandrakesh gave him the money and Jamsher took a dozen more youths along with him to Malaysia by plane. However, after going to Malaysia he got no job and there person whom he paid money left him in Malaysia itself.

As per the complained, after flying to Malaysia, Jamsher got a job of Rs. 20000 per month in a mall but had no work permit to stay. In the middle of nowhere the Chandrakesh was left there and Jamsher returned. Chandrakesh told that he did not have any money to returned. He somehow contracted the Indian embassy in Malaysia and returned home in December 2018.

When he cameback he went to enquire about whole matter to jamsher and asked for money. Jamsher starts threatening him instead of paying back, as claimed by the complainant. He filed case with police station but no justice was served. He later complained to the Human Rights Commission and thereafter the Ministry of External Affairs. After 18 months, a complaint letter came from the Ministry of External Affairs to the Shivpur police station, on the basis of which the Shivpur police is looking for Jamsher by filing a case.

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