Your personal information is being leaked from your old phone number, but where is it used?

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Deccan Express:  Have you ever wondered what happens to the old number when you change your old phone number and get a new one? Mobile carriers always recycle that old number and give you a new number in exchange. But for many users, this process is unsafe. When your old number is given to a new user, the data of your old number becomes accessible to that user.

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This endangers the privacy of users. Researchers at Princeton University published in a new report that your old number could be a threat to your privacy. When you change the number, you forget to update it in your digital accounts. This means the old number can be used on e-commerce apps as well as in many other apps. In that case, you forget to update them with the new number.

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The university said that as soon as a journalist got a new number, he started getting messages on his phone about blood test results and spa appointments. “We used 200 recycled numbers for a week and found that 19 numbers were still receiving calls and messages related to security and privacy,” said Arvind, a researcher. It means, new users were getting all this information.

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Research reveals 8 dangers about recycling here. The biggest risk is that your data could be stolen. This means that the new subscriber can be notified via SMS as soon as you give your old number. Subscribers will be trapped when they see the message and can trust it. Also Attacker can use it from anywhere in your old number in login or newsletters as well as launch many SMS services.

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