VIDEO : Kidnapped Hindu girl forcibly converted and married to abductor

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deccanexpress online: New Delhi : Abduction of Hindu girls-women has been a regular episode in Pakistan. In one such similar incident, a minor Hindu girl has been forcibly converted and married off in Pakistan.

The 13-year-old Hindu girl is Kavita Bai who was allegedly kidnapped by a man of the Bahalkani tribe. After abduction, she was forcibly converted to Islam by Barelvi cleric Mian Mithoo, and then married off to her abductor.

Viral video of the conversion ceremony –

The incident is reported from the Tangwani Taluka of Kashmore district in Sindh.

The girl was kidnapped by five men from her home on March 8 as per the information given by local media. Girl’s father said that five armed men dragged his daughter from their home to a white vehicle and sped away.

An FIR has been filed in the matter.

However, the teenager reportedly claimed that she was over 18 years old when she appeared before a court on Wednesday.

After the statement of the girl, she was shifted from Kashmore to Ghotki as she alleged that she had married against the wishes of her parents. She has also sought protection from the court.

The police have filed a case under the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act despite her claim which makes a marriage between an adult and a minor punishable by up to three years of imprisonment

A medical examination is likely to be ordered to determine her real age.


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