Ventilators are missing : 61 ventilators vanished in 7days

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Pune: Pune became the first district in India to have highest numbers of coronavirus infected. The situation is already out of control and made worst by constant disappearing of ventilators.

Upto 4 september there were 531 ventilator beds available in Divisional Divisional Commissioner dashboard. Since last 7 days 61 ventilators were missing bring it down to 470 ventilators. None of the beds were available. This has created a emergence situation.

The hospitals are full with coronavirus patients. Among them many are having multiple disease which are to be supported by oxygen. To match up the supply and demand, the officials build in Jumbo hospital and COVID-19 centre having 60 ventilators bed. However the pictures seems different. Sasson Government hospital have 123 ventilators in total. Out of which around 40 cylinders were shifted to Jumbo Hospital and10 to 15 were send for repairing work.

The Jumbo hospital record shows only 30 cylinders are been used. The cylinders given by Sassoon are not yet used. Among 30 cylinders,15 are not in operations. Currently on 15 ventilators are in working position as shown by Jumbo Hospital Dashboard. So far there are 40 ventilators with Jumbo Hospital which are not used at all.

Pune is already in situation where coronavirus positives are increasing rapidly. People are also dying due to unavailability of oxygen on time. In such severe conditions if there are management lapses then It will get more difficult to being adverse situation undercontrol.

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