Pune cyber crime | One cybercrime every hour in Pune city

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Pune : Deccan Express Pune cyber crime | Cyber crime ratio is constantly increasing in Pune city. Thousands of people are falling prey to it every day. A few days back in Pune city an unknown man contacted the father of a sports equipment vendor in Karvenagar on his mobile. During this the accused said- I want to buy 20 bats for Army Public School. You send five rupees through the UPI app for this transaction. The seller’s father sent five thousand rupees through the app. Shortly after that, the cyber criminals misappropriated Rs 50,000 in his account. In the last two and a half years, 33 thousand 642 types of online frauds have taken place. That is, every hour 1 online fraud incident is being reported in the city.

The present situation is that Punekars easily fall into the trap of cyber criminals as adequate care is not taken in online transactions. There has been a rise in online frauds among the citizens of the city in the last few years.

Cyber Police keep getting complaints of fraud every day. All applications are screened and technical aspects are known. The information is given to the concerned police station. After this, action is being taken against the accused by the police station. Cyber police investigate other major crimes of financial fraud.

One of the biggest scams –

Online fraud accounts for 70% of financial fraud.
Banks, companies, entrepreneurs, professionals as well as the general public.
Social networking, hacking, mobile usage, data theft, banking and business.
Increase in online transactions.
Huge growth in online transactions in the last few years.
The use of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) payment system grew by 18.7 per cent till last March.
It is expected to reach 71.7 percent in the next four years.

In case of falling victim to fraud –

If cyber criminals commit online fraud, first contact the cyber police immediately. Send the complaint form to the police on WhatsApp, E-mail. By doing this the police can alert the concerned bank before your money is deposited in the bank account of the cyber criminal and prevent your fraud.

Take care of yourself like this –

Do not post confidential information about yourself or your family on social media.
Avoid uploading your photos, videos on social media.
Be careful when accepting friend requests from strangers.
Be careful while scanning the QR code.
Do not make financial transactions with strangers unless you have a face-to-face meeting.
Do not share your bank or confidential information with others.
Give tips to families when transacting online.
Avoid responding to unfamiliar e-mails, friend requests, or links.
Don’t download unnecessary mobile apps.

Number of Cyber Crime Complaint Applications –

7 thousand 742 – 2019
14 thousand 900 – 2020
11 thousand – 2021 (by August)

Cyber Cell Senior Police Inspector D.S. Hawke said that online fraud can be avoided if citizens are vigilant. Citizens can get their money back by contacting the police immediately after such incidents. Still, citizens need to be very careful.

Complainant Yogesh Bhosle said that I had advertised on OLX to sell a used car. One person said that he liked the car and sent money through the app. Earlier he had sent a link. I replied to that link and before I could understand anything, Rs 20,000 disappeared from my account.

Digital transactions have increased since last March. However, there has been a decline in the number of online transactions this year as compared to the last two years.

Contact here to lodge the complaint…

Whatsapp number – 7058719371 or 7058719375

Cyber Police Thane Tel – 020-297110097

E-mail – [email protected]


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