Pune Crime | Woman duped of Rs 18 lakh by Facebook friend

by Team Deccan Express
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Pune : Deccan Express | Pune Crime | Cyber thieves have looted Rs 18 lakh from a woman after meeting her on social media platform Facebook. Cyber criminal asked the woman that he had sent her a gift from abroad. The woman was then forced to pay custom duty payment.

A 43-year-old woman has lodged a complaint at the Wanwadi police station in Pune. A case of fraud under the IT Act has been registered (Pune Crime).

According to the police, the plaintiff has a Facebook account. One person had sent her a friend which she had accepted. After that, friendship between the two grew. Cyber criminal claimed that he is an officer in a large company abroad and earned woman’s trust (Pune Crime).

A few days later, he told the women that the gift he had sent had been seized by the customs department at the Delhi airport. He told the women that there was also money in the gift which he needed to release from the customs department.

At this time, a person called her pretending to be the officer from the customs department and gave her various reasons and demanded Rs. 18 lakh 12 thousand from the woman. Yet she did not receive the gift. So the person kept demanding more money from the woman by giving various reasons. She then became suspicious and lodged a complaint with the police. Police have registered a case after a preliminary investigation. Wanwadi police are conducting further investigations.

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